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We invite you to explore the many unique ways to celebrate and honor a life.

Whether you choose burial or cremation, having a service to honor life, and a permanent place to visit remains, is an essential part of the healing process. We’ll educate you on the traditional and nontraditional inclusions in these ceremonies—and help you design an observance that’s as unique as the life it’s about.

Discover Life Exploration.

Take a look inside our unique approach.

“Harrell Funeral Home does a good job making you feel at ease and home,” commented Megan Struhall. “Within a four-month time frame, we had to plan a funeral for both my grandmother and grandfather. The funeral directors made it was easy for us to come up with ideas for how to send our loved ones off the right way— the way our family would want to be remembered.”

“Both of my grandparents had an amazing history with Austin, and the Harrell’s let us create a very unique experience for each of them to bring out their rich history in Austin.” Megan recounted how her grandmother was the first “Miss Austin,” and her grandfather developed the Barton Hills neighborhood. Both were influential in making Austin what it is today.

“For my grandmother’s service, we were able to place her artwork all around the funeral home, create slideshows, and bring in whatever nick knacks we wanted to represent her and the history of what she accomplished,” said Megan. “We would call the funeral home and ask to do different things, and they would always say “Do what you want.” “When the funeral home puts you at ease, it makes it really easy to come up with a creative way to remember your loved ones,” exclaimed Megan.

“When my grandfather died, the funeral director and I came up with the idea to brand my grandfather’s casket with his brand.” Megan told us how her grandfather had created a brand to represent the history of his ranch by incorporating the first initials in his full name. She recounted, “He was never able to brand the cattle with his new brand. I thought it would be a great tribute to him to use the brand iron he created and brand his casket.  Jason didn’t know if the casket we had ordered was real wood or fake wood, so he said, ‘Let’s try it and if it doesn’t work we will get you another casket.’ One afternoon, Jason, my brother, and I lit the torch behind the funeral home and torched the brand onto the casket. It was quite a unique and memorable experience, and the casket turned out really neat. We had as good of a time as we could considering the circumstances. We were all surprised at how amazing the casket came out. It is a memory I will never forget.”

“Harrell Funeral Home made it possible for my grandfather’s legacy to live on and provided a way to send him off with something he and I both cherished. Even today, his brand continues to be one way his legacy is living on with all of our family and friends,” said Megan. “I have ordered several gifts with the brand on it. Little did we know the brand would continue to go on long after he was gone. With both of my grandparents, the funerals were absolutely amazing, and I can’t thank the Harrell’s enough for the meaningful experience.”    Megan Struhall

Designing your Funeral

There are two aspects of the design process. First, we ask you to consider how you wish to honor and celebrate the life. When those important decisions are made,  we’ll turn to the issue of how you wish to care for the physical remains.

How to Honor a Life.

How to Honor a Life.

The first thing to consider is how you want to honor the life of your loved one.  Many people come together for visitations, memorial services, family gatherings, and funeral services in order to celebrate the life loved.  Being near your family and friends can be very healing.

We will sit down with you and plan exactly what fits your needs the best.  There are many different ways to honor life.  It could involve a private family viewing, a traditional visitation, memorial service, a catered reception for the family, an intimate gathering of friends, a worship ceremony, traditional or contemporary funeral services.  You can choose the day of the week for the service, the time, the staff, music, etc.  

Our funeral directors can work with your family to create a ceremony that helps you begin the grieving process. It is becoming more common to tailor funeral services to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased. You can choose to assemble a display containing family photographs, favorite possessions, and items from a hobby or awards the deceased received. These items help shift the emphasis of the services to the memories of the person’s life, rather than on the circumstances of his or her death.

Because details are so very important to the families we serve, we have created a variety of unique ways to add special touches and memories for your loved one including:

  • DVD Life tribute videos
  • Customized funeral service videos. Work with a videographer to create a custom highlight video that will allow you to cherish the memories shared during the funeral service for years to come. The video features a summary highlight video, friends and relatives who delivered speeches during the service, photographs submitted, and the unique items displayed that capture the essence of your loved one. 
  • Receptions and catering
  • Memorial folders
  • Online obituaries, guest registries, and condolences
  • Floral arrangements
  • Military service arrangements
  • Music arrangements
  • Customized casket and vault features
How to Personalize a Service

How to Personalize a Service

What did the person like to do? Often people have hobbies that become more than just a casual pastime. Their activity could have been as much a part of who they were as their smile. Why not showcase that important part of their life during the funeral?

Incorporating a hobby can be as simple as:

  • Displaying items used for their hobby; e.g. sports equipment, gardening tools, or collections
  • Personalizing the casket or urn with a symbol of their hobby
  • Displaying trophies or awards they won
  • Creating a picture board or presentation featuring pictures of them engaged in their hobby
  • Having someone speak about the person’s passion for the hobby

<span>Burial or Cremation?</span>

Burial or Cremation?

Your next consideration focuses on choosing between burial and cremation. Usually, people are clear on this point. In fact, your loved one may have told you, or someone else, exactly how they wish to be cared for. But it can be a hard decision for some families, especially when the wishes of the deceased were never clearly stated. If that's the case, please know we're able to help you come to the perfect decision for your loved one, and for you.

Once you decide, the finer details come into focus. If you've chosen burial, then selection of the casket, vault, and desired cemetery follows. Naturally, we’re here to help you.

If cremation is your choice, then you'll need to make the next decision: whether the cremated remains will be placed in a mausoleum niche, or buried on the cemetery grounds.

In some communities, there's the option for a 'green burial.' If that's what your loved one would prefer, we'll help you select an environmentally-friendly choice.

Designing Your Memorial

Designing Your Memorial

There are few decisions in life as personal as deciding where you wish to be permanently memorialized. After all, it is a decision that extends into the lifetimes of your children and grandchildren – where do you wish them to go to honor your memory?

Ground Burial: Deciding on the type of memorial property is a very personal decision. There are many different Memorial Parks and Cemetery in Austin that provide settings where meditation, reflection, remembrance, and healing can take place.  Harrell Funeral Home will be glad to help you find a resting place for your loved one.

Mausoleums: Mausoleums allow for above ground entombment in either community buildings or specially designed family structures. At one time the advantages of mausoleum entombment were available only to royalty, the famed or the very wealthy. Well-known mausoleums include the Taj Mahal, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Egyptian Pyramids. Mausoleum property is now affordable to most everyone.

Cremation Options: After the cremation occurs, Harrell Funeral Home will return the remains to the family.  Family's have a choice of whether they want to keep the remains, scatter the remains, or bury the remains.  Harrell Funeral Home has a wide array of urns in which to choose to store and display them. Family's also might prefer a piece of jewelry to keep their loved one close to them at all times.  Another option is to place the remains in a cremation niche at a mausoleum.  It really is a personal preference.  

Create a Meaningful  Ceremony

Once you've explored some possibilities, we will help you design a personalized service that is special to you. There's no option that's too grand or too unique. We want to make your wishes a reality.  Every individual should be celebrated in a distinctive way that honors the life we are serving.