Full Circle Aftercare

We Handle the Complexities of Settling Personal Estate Matters for Every Customer.

We are the only funeral home in Austin that provides our families a personal representative to help complete the necessary tasks that must be performed after a death occurs. We take care of these tasks by helping you wrap up estate issues and notifications, so you can mourn without having to worry about things being overlooked.

Here to guide you

What takes most people weeks to do, we can help you accomplish in an hour or two. Let us walk beside you and guide you to complete the necessary tasks that need to be performed after a death occurs.

Learn more about how we’re here to guide you

We can provide a private session to assist the surviving family member with the following:

  • Government Related Activities: Social Security, Veterans Administration, Office of Personal Management
  • Finances: Pension Plans, 401K/IRA/Annuities, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts
  • Insurance: Life Insurance, Medicare/Health Insurance, Car/Home Insurance, Change Beneficiaries
  • Estate: Wills/Trusts/Probate, Real Estate Title, Vehicle Title
  • Protection: Credit Bureaus/Fraud Alert, Stop Junk Mail/Solicitor Phone Calls, American Association of Retired Person (AARP), Deceased Registry, Cancel Subscriptions/Memberships


We know what to do

And we will help you do it. We evaluated the path our customers must walk after the funeral is over and determined we will not stop helping you when things become overwhelming. We are committed to having someone walking beside you every step of the way.

Learn more about how we know what to do

We launched our After Care program to help families accomplish in one to two hours what was taking families weeks or even months. We developed a checklist that incorporates a comprehensive view of everything that needs to be accomplished and can help families begin the transition to their new normal. Our experts help identify a clear path for families to launch forward.We do not sell you an expensive binder to read and send you on your way to figure everything out on your own. We know for many of the friends this is the first time you are experiencing loss and you do not know what to do next. Our After Care program is designed to walk with you, holding your hand every step of the process.


How it works

We will contact your family at a time convenient for you. We do not pressure you to get things done right away if you need to wait. On the other hand, we are not going to make you wait for weeks if you want to do things right away because you have family in town, and it is convenient.

Learn more about how it works

We are flexible to work around your schedule. We can meet early in the morning or late in the evening, depending on what is best for your schedule. Typically, we call you within a few days of the funeral to schedule an appointment time to perform the service for you.As families come together from around the state and even around the country for services, we can customize a plan, which is flexible for all involved.  With your direction, we will organize the communications needed and follow-up with electronic communications. We can even contact organizations for you and at the end of the day send you an email at work identifying everything that was accomplished.

We like to schedule one-hour appointments, and you are welcome to have as many people on the call as you want. We first discuss what issues will be affecting you and then we conference in by phone businesses and government institutions that need contacting. The call is an open conversation format, and you can hear everything spoken. If you want to participate during the call you can, or you may sit back and listen while we talk through everything on your behalf.

When our services are completed, there should be nothing left for you to do. We will send you a follow-up email that lists every single item that was done and outlines the next steps.


Five areas of focus

Our After Care program contacts financial institutions every day. We know who to call, what to say, and what to do to get you through to the correct person.

Learn more about the five ares of focus

    1. Dealing with Government Agencies: Social Security Benefits, Veterans Administration Benefits, Government Employee Retirement Management, and Office of Personnel Management
    2. Contacting Financial Institutions: Pension Plans, 401(k)/IRA/Annuities, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts. Our After Care program contacts financial institutions every day. We know who to call, what to say, and what to do to get you through to the correct person. Not only will we save you time from sitting on hold or contacting the wrong people, but also, we will spare you the frustration of having information misreported and dealing with the hassle of trying to fix an innocent mistake. We understand the processes associated with each of these large institutions and what they are going to require of you.
    3. Communicating with Insurance Providers: Life Insurance, Medicare/Health Insurance, Car/Home Insurance, Change Beneficiaries
    4. Handling Estate: Wills/Trusts/Probate, Real Estate Title, Vehicle Title. What is probate court? What does it mean if you have to go through probate court? What happens if you have a will or trust or if you don’t have either? Do you need to hire an attorney? So many families go out and hire an attorney when they really didn’t need to. Our After Care program can guide you through these questions and help you discern what is required for your situation. We also can assist you with real estate transfers, vehicle titles or loan changes, etc. so that everything transfers to the estate or the heirs as it needs to. Our team can identify what are the next steps in protecting your estate.
    5. Protecting Families: Credit Bureaus/Fraud Alert, Stop Junk Mail/Solicitor Phone Calls, American Association of Retired Person (AARP), Deceased Registry, Cancel Subscriptions/Memberships. First, we want to protect you from predators who might be trying to steal your identity. We set up fraud protection and notify all the credit bureaus of your loved ones passing. This way if any activity occurs with their social security number you are notified immediately, and you can take care of it. Second, we stop solicitor phone calls to the home. When families are grieving, they don’t need to be getting phone calls asking for their loved one who has passed. We also stop all junk mail from advertisers by getting your loved one’s name removed from these lists and eliminating the danger of mail getting into the wrong hands.


Our guarantee to you

We guarantee your personal information will never fall into the wrong hands on our part. When we work with a family, everything is done on a sheet of paper, not on a computer. The second we get off of the phone, we take that sheet of paper and shred it. Your information is safe with us.

Learn more about our guarantees

When we are done with our service, there should be nothing left for you to do. We will send you a follow-up email that lists every single item that was completed and outlines the next steps. For example, here is what is going to happen to your benefit this month, next month, and in the future months. You will have a clear picture of what is happening moving forward.

We are here to help now and in the future. No matter what happens in the future, whether it is three months down the road or years, we are here when you need our assistance. For example, if you are cleaning out the attic and find a stock certificate in an old book, you can call us, and we will help you resolve the issue. Our families don’t need to worry about getting everything accomplished right now. We will get everything done eventually, and on your time frame and as items that were overlooked come up.

We guarantee service with care. Our After Care program employee’s women who are naturally gifted as caretakers. Our goal is to care for you in a way that saves you time and accomplishes in two to three hours what takes many families’ weeks. We want your family to feel our nurturing love and leave assured that things are done efficiently and correctly. Here at Harrell, our family is always here to care for you.


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