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We believe in honoring your loved one through a celebration that is personal and provides a healing experience to family and friends. Celebrations of life can be held for burial or cremation to help celebrate a life well lived.

Personalizing a Celebration

The purpose of a funeral is to provide a way of commemorating a life and bringing together friends and family. We aim for our celebrations to be a time to share memories and remember your loved one through music, stories, and capturing the nature of their spirit.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a celebration is that it should be reflective of your loved one. While religious elements may play a part, it should also include stories about the person’s life that help everyone recapture and revisit their own memories. Sometimes this is best accomplished by having friends or family members share their reflections as part of the service. Some people personalize the service with special music (which may be religious or non-religious). Others bring in pictures to have at the service. Sometimes favorite things that belonged to the deceased are integrated into the ceremony such as wood carvings, golf clubs or even a motorcycle.

The goal is to give a true sense of who this person was. There is nothing wrong with telling funny stories about the person who died: a funeral recognizes the sad event of a death, but the service can also include humor. Unique celebrations include a patio tailgate party where everyone wears their loved one’s favorite team jersey, decorating to display their passion project, offering unique food, or bringing in your loved one’s private art collection to be on display. Here are a couple of unique celebrations we have been honored to be a part of.

Mackey Gmitter’s Celebration

The Struhall’s Experience

“Harrell Funeral Home does a good job making you feel at ease and home,” commented Megan Struhall. “Within a four-month time frame, we had to plan a funeral for both my grandmother and grandfather. The funeral directors made it was easy for us to come up with ideas for how to send our loved ones off the right way— the way our family would want to be remembered.”

“Both of my grandparents had an amazing history with Austin, and the Harrell’s let us create a very unique experience for each of them to bring out their rich history in Austin.” Megan recounted how her grandmother was the first “Miss Austin,” and her grandfather developed the Barton Hills neighborhood. Both were influential in making Austin what it is today.

“For my grandmother’s service, we were able to place her artwork all around the funeral home, create slideshows, and bring in whatever nick knacks we wanted to represent her and the history of what she accomplished,” said Megan. “We would call the funeral home and ask to do different things, and they would always say “Do what you want.” “When the funeral home puts you at ease, it makes it really easy to come up with a creative way to remember your loved ones,” exclaimed Megan.

“When my grandfather died, the funeral director and I came up with the idea to brand my grandfather’s casket with his brand.” Megan told us how her grandfather had created a brand to represent the history of his ranch by incorporating the first initials in his full name. She recounted, “He was never able to brand the cattle with his new brand. I thought it would be a great tribute to him to use the brand iron he created and brand his casket.  Jason didn’t know if the casket we had ordered was real wood or fake wood, so he said, ‘Let’s try it and if it doesn’t work we will get you another casket.’ One afternoon, Jason, my brother, and I lit the torch behind the funeral home and torched the brand onto the casket. It was quite a unique and memorable experience, and the casket turned out really neat. We had as good of a time as we could considering the circumstances. We were all surprised at how amazing the casket came out. It is a memory I will never forget.”

“Harrell Funeral Home made it possible for my grandfather’s legacy to live on and provided a way to send him off with something he and I both cherished. Even today, his brand continues to be one way his legacy is living on with all of our family and friends,” said Megan. “I have ordered several gifts with the brand on it. Little did we know the brand would continue to go on long after he was gone. With both of my grandparents, the funerals were absolutely amazing, and I can’t thank the Harrell’s enough for the meaningful experience.”    Megan Struhall

Balloon Release

Thoughts for your loved one, in the form of balloons, float into the sky together.

Golfing Outing

Join together with friends to do the activity your loved one enjoyed most.

Tree Planting

A gift for generation, plant a tree to honor your loved one.

Final Salute

Give your veteran loved one the respect deserved with veteran funeral benefits.

Dove Release

A white dove release is a soothing touch that brings hope for the departed.

Custom Highlight Video

Harrell Funeral Home parthers with ATX Marketing to bring families custom highlight video packages for their service. Please see pricing and packages.

Signature Services

Dove Release

A white dove release is a soothing touch that brings hope for the departed.


We can create personalized stationery for your loved one.
Long-distant family and friends can watch a webcast of the funeral.
DVD Tribute
Let us create a touching DVD helping friends and family relive special memories.

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