Benefits of Planning Ahead

You always have been there for those you love and planning ahead allows you to still be there for them, even when you aren’t physically with them. You can give this gift of love by providing meaningful final instructions. At your death, your family will have to make many decisions regarding your funeral. Being prepared can make all the difference in the world.

80% of Americans believe making funeral arrangements in advance is a good idea.

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  • Make Wise Financial Decisions A funeral can be very expensive, especially if emotions are running high and the family wants “only the best” for the loved one. By writing down your preferred service options, you will help your family make wise financial decisions.
  • Known Price In 15 years, the cost of a funeral is likely to have increased by about 60-65 percent, according to Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company. You can help offset the costs of final expenses with a specialized prepaid funeral contract that covers some or all of your family’s anticipated out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Financial Security Government agencies like Veterans Affairs and Social Security may be helpful, but they will not be able to cover all the expenses involved in funeral care and burial. Pre-funding allows you to set aside funds and make payments over a longer period of time. It is also considered an exempt asset should you ever need long-term care through Medicaid.

Talk of a Lifetime

You talk about everything, but have you had the talk? It’s time to have the conversation on how you want to be remembered. Talk of a Lifetime helps you through this important conversation, about life and what matters most. Having discussions with your loved ones provides peace of mind when it’s time to commemorate a life. It can make the difference of a lifetime.


familycouchOne of the best benefits to planning ahead is the impact on your family. In planning your wishes ahead of time, you relieve the burden from your loves ones. In a time of grief and stress, making very difficult decisions are the last thing that anyone wants. Second guessing what you wanted creates extra stress. Preplanning your funeral makes emotional sense. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you love most.

Your Wishes

couplewalkingNo two people are alike, and neither have to be their funerals. By making your funeral arrangements yourself, you can customize them to fit your preferences. Advance planning allows for you to plan an event that celebrates life, choosing your own venue, music, disposition choice and desired final resting place. These decisions are made best with our help as funeral professionals, at a time without stress and grieving.

Preserve Your Independence

Most of us prefer not to leave important decisions to the last minute if we can help it. Planning a funeral can require over 150 decisions. We will help you outline your wishes in a calm, rational frame of mind with time to discuss your options and budget.

Plans Are Transferable

Today’s society is mobile and we provide the flexibility you need. Our preplanned arrangement contracts are transferable if you decide to move to another location or if you decide you would like to use another local funeral home.

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