The Benefits of Full-Circle Aftercare

We understand families are starting a new life, a new normal because everything is changing (income sources, who pays the bills, whose name things are in, ownership.) This is why we started the Full-Circle Aftercare program. We now employ experts who assist families in making this transition. Our experts know the complexities that are involved with settling personal estate matters and can help our families after the funeral is over.

Our Full-Circle Aftercare Counselors help families make the necessary calls for notifications, closing accounts, claiming benefits, changing beneficiaries, and protecting their loved-ones estate. The aftercare counselor will connect families and agencies in a three-way call and can even speak on behalf of the family, alleviating much stress typically put on them when contacting agencies. The counselor will guide families through a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be addressed and will explain to the agencies why you are calling. Our goal is to help families focus on grieving, knowing everything is done correctly and completely.

Here is what our customers are saying…

“This service has been so helpful! I didn’t know that mother was due the May Social Security benefit. I appreciate calling them together to get that sorted out. There were items on the checklist that I hadn’t thought of that needed attention.”

Theresa, May 2020

“This service exceeded my expectations! It would have taken me months to get through this list. The Aftercare specialist just picked up and carried me along and took care of so many estate needs. I very much appreciate it. She let me know what needed to be done and took care of so much. This help has been invaluable!”

Wanda, January 2022

“Today when Kathy (the Aftercare Specialist) called, I just happen to be in tears after a very frustrating day dealing with my husband’s finances. Kathy was so compassionate and after we spoke she left me with so much hope! Her caring and loving demeanor put me at ease.”

Tina, September 2020

“I received the most surprising gift in the form of a Full-circle Aftercare Estate Specialist, Cherise Alexander. Cheris reached out to me via phone and in a couple of hours saved me the agony of trying to figure out “what’s next” in closing out social security, medicare, health insurance, bank, investment, credit card, vehicle, life insurance, subscriptions and protection services with national entities, including Transunion to prevent fraud. She saved me hours of waiting on “phone hold” with contacts that went right to the source. What an absolute angel, and for this experience I most wholeheartedly would recommend Harrell Funeral Home.”

Linda, June 2020

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