Wine & Peace of Mind- Celebration of Life Seminar in Dripping Springs


Wine & Peace of Mind- Celebration of Life Seminar in Dripping Springs

  Tuesday, September 24 2019 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Harrell Dripping Springs
100 Heritage Drive,
Austin, Texas 78737

Take a break from traffic and come relax at Harrell Funeral Home for a wine and cheese pairing. Trista Pallarez, Certified Preplanning Specialist, will explain the easy steps to preplanning and the protection it offers you and your family.

Every Wine Has A Story… And So Do YOU! We Will Discuss:
• Do I Need a Funeral?
• Different Types of Funerals
• Different Ways to Celebrate
• Reasons Why We Plan Ahead

Seating will be limited to the FIRST 25 people.

Advance registration is required to assist us in preparations. Please call 512-443-1366 to make a reservation as there is limited seating.

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